An Interesting Opportunity

I was caught a little off guard by this, which is why this is coming before the posts I mentioned are still upcoming.

An author whose latest mecha/military science fiction project I am very interested in has just put up an Indiegogo for the expenses necessary for its release.

The author is Brian Niemeier, and the book is Combat Frame Xseed. The snippets for it are awesome, and in fact one of them was part of the inspiration for my own current main work in progress, what I am tentatively calling Knights of the Lion of Judah, or Lions of Judah. I haven’t read anything but the public snippets, but based on the works of his I have read and the fact that he has the first several books written, I expect an amazing ride.


I will be backing this with my own money after my next paycheck, and if you are into that sort of thing I recommend you give it a look!

Brian Niemeier’s Indiegogo for his latest book

And, in case anyone wonders, Mr. Niemeier doesn’t know me from ben adam, and I was not asked to mention this. I’m just excited for it!


I hope to have another post today, so be on the lookout for that.

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