Fimonaya Reference Picture #1
This is not the picture you are looking for… just one of the reference pictures I am using to picture it in my head while I wait on an artist. I intend to update it with the real thing as soon as possible.


Type: Heavy interstellar interceptor-carrier

Origin: Salvation Interstellar Shipyards Guild

Operators: Sisters of Our Lady of Victory (SOLV);

Interstellar Merchants’ Guild (IMG);

Unknown pirate group

Unit cost: NHD6.5 billion

Built from: Year 423-433

Completed: 15

Active: 14 (13 SOLV, 1 IMG, 1 pirate)

Retired: –

Length: 650 meters

Beam: 100 meters

Draft: 90 meters

Power: 1x 10 TW hyperspatial frequency-draw; 3x 100 MW backup fusion reactors

Propulsion: 4x Fujimoto-drive reactionless engines

1x Marlo-drive hyperspatial generator, drive, and wave-emitter

Acceleration: 200g

Max safe velocity: .19c

Time to max velocity: 79 hrs

Range: 9600 hours

Complement: 836 Sisters, 277 Knights

Armor: 460 centimeters overlapping plates of rymad-steel

Sensors: 1x 300-node fold-space sensor suite;

100x short-range range-finding lasers;

6x short-range radar emitters

Communications: 1x space-plus FTL comm;

85x fold-space FTL communication links;

3x radio communications suites;

10x communications lasers

ECM and decoys: Advocate I-rank artificial-intelligence-run shadow-signal ECM w/ Omnipresence I-rank intercept/jammer;

12x Athenian-rank decoy launchers

Armament: 8x shipkiller missile launchers;

5x 4-tube anti-interceptor missile launchers;

50x tri-barreled anti-interceptor lasers;

100x anti-missile defense lasers

Launch capabilities: 216 launch slots, 2 shuttle bays

Symbiote carrying capacity: 216 Sparrow or Peregrine interceptors; 12 shuttles; 4 Paladin assault mechs

Notes: The Fimonaya-class were the largest carriers in human space when they first came into service, and they remain the backbone of the twin orders’ space forces. They have been critical in maintaining the Independent Merchants’ Guild freedom from several minor neighbors, one of which wars involved an IMG carrier lost to a pirate raid during post-fighting negotiations. The Fimonaya are an aging class of vessel, but still a strong fighting force. During the 5th Swarm Expansionist War, all of the Sisters’ Fimonaya carriers saw action, and only one returned without heavy damage, but the class was seen as having turned the tide of the war, especially at the Battle of Makassar, when the Swarm advance was stopped.

Recently, the Fimonaya-class have been replaced in front-line duty within SOLV by the newer Dapeng-class stealth carrier, instead being relegated to defensive duty, where they also remain as a fighting reserve. Many of the Fimonaya have been passed over in the recent round of interceptor upgrades, from the Sparror-9 to the Peregrine-1, but they are beginning to see some of the newer craft filter in as newer pilots are transferred in with them.

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