(As before, these are reference pictures, so imagine somewhat of a blend of the three. The two on the left came from ProgV. I will remove these and replace them when my artist gets to my commissions.)


“Marie Four” or “Marie”

Type: Flight-capable assault mech

Origin: Swarm System, Naval Base 04

In service: Year 442-present

Manufacturer: Military Industries Corporation #111

Operator(s): The Swarm Beneficence Coalition (“Swarm”)

Unit cost: NHD81 million

Production began: Year 440

No. produced: 1169

Weight: 67 metric tons (unloaded), 78 metric tons (fully loaded)

Height: 19 meters

Crew: 1 Swarm

Armor: Double layered ceramic/titanium composite armor w/ composite metallic foam filler

Sensors: Audiovisual pickups; fold-space sensor suite

Communications: Fold-space comm suite [range 2.15 Megameters]

Armament, main:

1x 337kJ battery-fed laser rifle, 20-shot rechargeable magazine (15 magazines)

1x variable-length heat-rapier/pike

Armament, secondary:

(optional) 1x anti-mech 23.4 centimeter missile launcher (5 reloads)

(optional) 1x 1.65 meter carbon-nanotube composite knife

Power plant: 1.5 MW fusion reactor

Power/weight: 1.9 kW/ton

Secondary Propulsion: 4x hip-mounted jets

Operation time: 250 hours (land); 50 hours (aerial)

Speed: 140 kph (land); 290 kph (aerial)

Notes: The first centauroid mech for the centauroid Swarm, the Maricopa-4 is the only major mech in or bordering human space to use a laser as a primary weapon. The Swarm have been in a quiescent phase for twenty years, and thus the Marie Fours have seen only limited action against minor internal disputes and police actions. They are still feared by all the neighboring human powers, however, to the point that many powers that anticipate action against the Swarm have begun specially treating their mechs’ armor to reflect some of the spectrum of light covered by the Marie’s main laser. It is routinely considered by analysts to be the most technologically advanced mech in or around human-settled space.

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