Worlds of Rozal: IMGz Mech

Imperialer Metall-Gigant zwei

I hardly need to say it, but I will: I do not own this image. If I ever do something with this world (which I hope to) I will hire an artist to get a more accurate picture.
Austro-Hungarian Mech, by Jakub Rozalski

Type: Heavy quadrupedal mech
Origin: Austro-Hungarian Empire
In service: 1899-present
Manufacturer: Österreich Militärische Hersteller Gilde
Operator(s): Austro-Hungarian Empire
Unit cost: ƒ260,000
Produced from: 1898-present
No. produced: 699
Weight: 30 tons (unloaded), 37 tons (loaded)
Height: 36 feet
Width: 14 feet
Length: 14 feet
Crew: 1 pilot, 1 gunner
Structure: Steel
Armor: 2¾-inch cemented steel
Armament, main: 1x 5-inch rotating-turret cannon [A]
1x 2-inch underslung rotating-turret cannon [B]
Armament, secondary: 2x ½-inch partially-traversing machine gun pods [C]
(optional) 16x 4-foot ilyasium-core steel spikes [D]
Power plant: 1x 1190-horsepower petrol engine
Power/weight: 31hp/ton
Operational range (fuel): 475 miles (on-road), 235 miles (off-road)
Automatite Change-out (time): 553 hours
Speed: 16 mph
License: Military


This stat block is from SaSS:R (pronounced ‘sassier’), the new and very much improved version of my game system, SaSS (the old version is now called SaSS:D.) It is still a work in progress, but I think it looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself. Let me know what you think!

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