Fimonaya-class Type: Heavy interstellar interceptor-carrier Origin: Salvation Interstellar Shipyards Guild Operators: Sisters of Our Lady of Victory (SOLV); Interstellar Merchants’ Guild (IMG); Unknown pirate group Unit cost: NHD6.5 billion Built from: Year 423-433 Completed: 15 Active: 14 (13 SOLV, 1 IMG, 1 pirate) Retired: – Length: 650 meters Beam: 100 meters Draft: 90 meters Power: […]

Knights of Judah: Empire of the Stars

The Empire of the Stars (Byeol-ui Jegug) is a Korean-majority imperial power to the hyperspatial east of Old Sol. Significant (strictly controlled) minorities include Hungarian, Marathi, and Neo-American peoples. It directly controls 31 systems, with another 20 proxy-state systems, and a population of 62 billion; 99% of these billions are human, unlike the Empire’s great […]

Grand Strategy

I am currently struggling. Not with writing, though I am doing that as well… I am struggling with North Africa. Specifically, Tunis. In case you aren’t “in the know”, this is a screenshot from one of my favorite two (video) games: Europa Universalis IV. EU IV is an example of my favorite genre of (video) […]