Worlds of Rozal: 12-TS

12-TS / “Tassia”

Something like this, but without the guns… (From: Jakub Rozalski)

Type: Heavy-industry mech
Origin: Austro-Hungarian Empire
In service: 1880
Manufacturer: Kaiserliche Gilde der Industrieunternehmen
Operator(s): Imperialer Industrieverband [IG] (4,567)
Görz Industriegesellschaft [GI] (3,011)
Budapest Ipari Unió [BIU] (1,120
Győr Ipari Unió [GIU] (803)
Arad Ipari Céh [AIC] (300)
Unit cost: ƒ69,000
Produced from: 1880-1899
No. produced: 13,279
Weight: 12 tons (unloaded), 19 tons (loaded)
Height: 23 feet
Width: 7 feet
Length: 5 feet 6 inches
Crew: 1 pilot
Structure: Wood
Armor: ¼-inch cemented-steel plating
Armament, main: 1x 20-foot telescoping halberd w/ 1-foot ilyasium-steel alloy point [A]
Armament, secondary: 1x 4-foot ilyasium-core steel misericorde [C]
(optional) 1x 16-foot kite shield [D]
Power plant: 1x 280-horsepower petrol engine
Operational range (fuel): 150 miles (on-road), 100 (off-road)
Automatite Change-out (time): 750 hours
Speed: 18 mph
License: Restricted Civilian

Notes: A heavy civilian mech, the 12-TS “Tassia” is a well-liked Austrian design. In terms of number produced, it is the most numerous mech in existence, with numerous having left Austrian lands and ended up all across the many worlds. Being among the largest of civilian mechs, it is often equipped for militia or policing use with its trademark telescoping halberd, though in some areas this is disallowed, and the mech disarmed. At those times, it is often still allowed its misericorde, which is then often augmented by the optional shield.


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