Pal Nine / “Pally”


(once again, a combination of two images that will be replaced later.)

Type: Flight-capable assault mech
Origin: New Zion, Zion System
In service: Year 452-present
Manufacturer: New Zion Arms Guild
Operator(s): Knights of the Lion of Judah
Unit cost: NHD78 million
Production began: Year 452
No. produced: 730
Weight: 65 metric tons (unloaded), 74 metric tons (loaded)
Height: 17.5 meters
Crew: 1 human
Armor: Reflective coated double layered ceramic/titanium composite armor w/ composite metallic foam filler and carbon nanotube latticed reinforcements
Sensors: 360 degree radar coverage; audiovisual pickups; fold-space sensor suite
Communications: Fold-space comm suite [range 1.5 Megameters]; loudspeakers; radio comm suite
Armament, main: 1x 140mm autocannon, 45-round magazine (12 magazines) [A]
x 4.5 meter Lion’s Sabre vibroblade [B]
Armament, secondary:
1x 85mm auto-missile launcher, 10-round magazine (10 magazines) [C]
5x anti-drone mini-lasers [D]
(optional) 1x rymad-steel-lined kite shield w/ vibroblade edge [E]
Power plant: 1.45 MW
Power/weight: 1.9 kW/ton
Secondary propulsion: 4x back-mounted jets
Operation time: 340 hours (land); 100 hours (aerial)
Speed: 140 kph (land); 315 kph (aerial)

Notes: The Paladin-9 is the ninth and final iteration of the Knights’ popular Paladin mech; the Knights have announced that with the next generation, they will be designing a radically different mech that will, “… [B]etter take advantage of the technological opportunities available to the Knights.” This statement has been met with much resistance from the rank and file mech pilots of the Knights, but quietly it is expected by analysts that by the time the still-new Pally has reached the end of its expected life-cycle the change will be readily accepted by a new generation of pilots. The Pal Nine is an all purpose assault mech, designed for use on any battlefield the Knights might be called in to fight on or adjudicate in. Even in the short time since they began being put into production, the Paladin-9s have seen use in several small-scale engagements, and their improved armor has been shown to be capable of handling even heavy weapons fire for an enviable length of time. It is considered by almost all analysts in human space to be a match for the Maricopa-4 of the Swarm or the Ontisi-7 of the Horde, and is respected and feared by would-be conquerors throughout human space.

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