A first trial…

Last night, having nothing I could do in my current state for any of my various projects (I continue to make progress, but more slowly ever since the “situation” with my medication a couple of weeks back), I whipped up a little mini-adventure for my wife to play through in…


I just took some of the monsters from the back of the book, a dungeon I found online (namely the one below), and threw them together for her to take some 0-level characters through. She rolled an animal trainer, a dwarven mushroom farmer, a farmer, a squire with 1 hit point, a beadle, and a woodcutter.


I think I was applying the rules a little bit wrongly, because it was a lot more survivable than expected, but it was a lot of fun. Every hit was tense, and every moment fun. We had a blast, and she did the right thing and shredded the dead character. When she leveled up, she definitely felt she had earned it, just like I had read about, because she was pumped when she did so, more so than in past games.

If I didn’t have two other short campaigns in the works, I would definitely be running this for my whole game group. As it is, I will probably just continue to play it in my off time with my wife, instead of video games.

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