Continuing the Trial

My wife’s party of adventurers has been exploring the dungeon I whipped up and the neighboring towns, while I experiment with and explore Dungeon Crawl Classics. So far the most memorable moment was when her Invoke Patron (Three Fates) spell gave her a +10 to her attempt to cast Sleep, giving her the power to put everything, including plants, within 500 yards into a state of semi-permanent slumber, including the dire-wolf mounted goblins and the bear-mounted bandits, whom her wizard proceeded to slaughter wholesale. Besides that, she is investing in the hamlet in which her characters started and killing in a cave-mouth the bandit leaders and their pet wizards (who were immune to Sleep thanks to charms they wore, and who were not with the war party attacking the party before.) In that latter battle she lost her first 1st-level character (Hawk the Warrior, you had a great Luck score, but terrible luck in battle!), and we put him through the shredder.

Disapproval for a cleric is definitely a bigger deal than I would have guessed just from reading the rules, because nothing makes the fact that a character is failing hard clearer than having failure compounding like interest on a loan. I like it, and I find between that and “losing” a spell for a day (for the wizard), it makes up for not having the focus be on a Vancian magic system. All in all, DCC is proving to me that the OSR is the way to go, because this is much more fun to run, and I think for my wife to play, than our previous experiences running games just the two of us (though she likes 3.5/Pathfinder/Starfinder alright in our actual gaming group, while I just find it to be drek.)

Anyway, I have been stalling out, writing-wise and on here thanks to my old friend “mental health issues,” continuing from a few weeks ago. Prayers would be appreciated, because I suffer not only from the illness(es), but from the inability to write; that is in fact one of the worst parts for me, because writing, however hard, is a joy to me (and I am not normally a joyful person by nature, though that is my own flaw.)

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