Oh well.

person sitting on grass holding goal net
Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Pexels.com

I had a nice long post about how I have been struggling, but am still working on SaSS:R (“sassier”), and went into some extended detail about a couple of the options in the game… but WordPress ate that post, so I thought I’d post something rather than leaving things unmanned another day.

So… I have been struggling with my health, but seem to be doing okay for now. SaSS:R is coming along better than any of the previous versions of SaSS, and I’m hoping to get back into writing Knights of the Lion of Judah (Lions of Judah) material, especially the actual story itself. I’m not doing NaNo, because I work two jobs, have two kids and a pregnant wife, and take medications that make forgoing sleep very difficult to do, but in the spirit of the thing I am hoping to get back off of my crutch (SaSS:R, which I can work on almost always) and onto the more serious tasks at hand.

Expect to see more in the next few days. I’ve already written that post once–I’ll do it again! [cue the music, hear a Roman voice cry out “All hail to Caesar!”] (And if you get the reference, you might be raising kids to love Christ with occasional musical Nativity movies too.)

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