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One thing about me when I am not on medications is that I am barraged by ideas for an endless number of projects, none of which have the courtesy to wait until earlier ideas have been finished. In my Google Drive folders I have three different homebrew tabletop roleplaying game systems, only one of which I feel is worth my time to work on: SaSS/SaSS:R. But this does not mean there aren’t interesting things about the ones I don’t work on. The other two are both close to what I have seen elsewhere as “one-page” or “short” RPGs. They both need polish, but I have played them and found them to be workable (the one this post is about more than the other.)

I thought it might be interesting to put up DeciCons, the first system I started developing. It isn’t a complicated system, and the reason I stopped developing it is just that it felt complete, at a measly 10 pages! It could use some more descriptions, but since most of what would be described is self-explanatory, I have never felt it necessary to write those descriptions.

It has a two-dice central game mechanic, with one d6 determining the outcome of the task at hand and one d8 determining the degree of success or failure, with attributes–called Capabilities–modifying the former up or down and Skills modifying the latter up or down. I’ve never run into a game like it, and it plays a bit oddly, but if anyone likes the look of it, they are free to do with it what they will. I only ask Attribution. I hope someone out there likes it, because while it is very different from how I think a game should work now, I still find myself liking it.

I apologize for the rather crude formatting, but I have too many things on my plate right now to go about reformatting the thing to be more professionally laid out.

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