Update 001

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So, I thought I’d talk a little bit about what I am up to these days.

  • I am currently back to outlining on Lions of Judah. A character is currently escaping from a prison dug into the crust of a planet (she has been trying for several weeks, and has been succeeding only by the power of the tools built into her covertly-cyborg arm.)
  • I am editing SaSS:R with the help of my wife, just to clean it up and make it easier to use. It isn’t done yet, but I am hoping to use it in a game in January, so now is the time to begin prepping for people to actually see it. The character generation sections are pretty polished, I think, but the equipment and Gameplay sections needed some editing love to make sure they make sense to people who don’t read game books just for the fun of it.
  • I am reworking the maps for SaSS:R to better reflect changes in the number and populations of the various worlds. This is not hard, but it is tedious.
  • I am running (not every week, but occasionally) a Dungeon Crawl Classics game, wherein the player characters just killed a giant snake that could have eaten ten of them without it getting overly full. I swear I will whittle them down yet! I actually got closer to killing them with the tribe of goblins they engaged afterward than with the giant snake, which surprised me.
  • I am reading No Gods, Only Daimons by Kai Wai Cheah and Combat Frame XSeed by Brian Niemeier. Both are really quite good so far, and I am hoping to finish the latter in the next couple of days, at which time I hope to write a review (the former will have to wait until I find my Kindle, which has gone missing somewhere in the house.)
  • I am prepping for an ACKS game that will be run in January and beyond by The Mixed GM, and utterly failing at my rolls for my statistics.

All of this is in addition to work, home life, religious duties (privileges), and trying to comment on WordPress blogs I find interesting. As you might imagine, I am busy, even if I have not been posting a great deal of stuff here. One other thing that makes posting to this blog more difficult is the fact that I am determined to keep it as non-political; if I want to discuss politics, I will start another blog for that, but the over-politicization of the world today is ruining people’s lives, and I want to keep at least this little corner apolitical (within reason. I would tolerate certain kinds of political comments, even if I disagreed, but I reserve the right to censor certain other political comments.)

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