Lions of Judah: Marie-3

Just to test and compare, I ran a Lions of Judah mech through the SaSS:R stat-making process. Scary stuff, with 20-meter tall mechs. See the stat block at the end if you want to compare it to a SaSS:R military mech: the IMGz. Basically, this is an outdated alien mech that might make an appearance later on in the book. One of these is not only twice as heavy as a SaSS:R military mech, it is faster, more deadly, and better armored to boot. Now I kind of want to throw one in to the game I will be testing SaSS:R with next month…

Ignore those pesky humans at its feet–they are merely roadblocks to a Marie-3.

Marie Three
Type: Flight-capable quadrupedal assault mech
Origin: Swarm System, Naval Base 02
In service: Year 418-444 SCC
Manufacturer: Military Industries Corporation #115
Operator(s): The Swarm Beneficence Coalition
Unit cost: NHD56 billion
Production began: Year 417 SCC
No. produced: 1531
Weight: 64 metric tons (unloaded), 77 metric tons (fully loaded)
Height: 20 meters
Crew: 1 Swarm
Armor: Ceramic/titanium composite armor w/ composite metallic foam filler
Sensors: Audiovisual pickups; active radar suite; fold-space sensor suite
Communications: Fold-space comm suite [range 1.95 Megameters]
Armament, main:
1x 151mm autocannon w/ 31-round magazine (19 internal magazines) [A]
1x 11-meter retractable, turreted heat-blade [B]
Armament, secondary:
(optional) 1x 4-chambered anti-personnel 54mm missile launcher (20 internal reloads) [C]
(optional) 1x bunker-piercing 32cm missile launcher (2 internal reloads) [D]
Power plant: 1.48 MW fusion reactor
Power/weight: 19 kW/ton
Secondary Propulsion: 3x belly-mounted jets
Operation time: 265 hours (land); 48 hours (aerial)
Speed: 137 kph (land); 210 kph (aerial)

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