Grendel Mk. VII

Grendel Mark VII
Grendie Seven
Type: Flight-capable bipedal assault mech
Origin: New Hong Kong System, New Hong Kong
In service: Year 451 SCC – present
Manufacturer: Wu Heavy Industries Corporation
Operator(s): New Hong Kong Army (255)
Wu Commercial Protection Corporation (55)
Armee der Ruhr-Republik (60)
Unit cost: NHD94 billion 
Production began: Year 450 SCC
No. produced: 403
Weight: 59 metric tons (unloaded), 72 metric tons (fully loaded)
Height: 22 meters
Crew: 1 human
Armor: Triple layered ceramic/titanium composite armor w/ composite metallic foam filler, carbon-nanotube-latticed reinforcements, and energized active resistance micro-generators
Sensors: Audiovisual pickups; active radar suite; fold-space sensor suite
Communications: Fold-space comm suite [range 2.1 Megameters]
Armament, main:
1x 144mm autocannon w/ 40-round magazine (14 magazines) [A]
1x 5-meter heat-axe [B]
Armament, secondary:
(optional) 1x 35-cm shoulder-mounted missile launcher (8 rounds)
1x crowd-control microwave emitter
8x anti-drone mini-lasers
Power plant: 1.60 MW fusion reactor
Power/weight: 22 kW/ton
Secondary Propulsion: 2x back-mounted jets
Operation time: 265 hours (land); 168 hours (aerial)
Speed: 150 kph (land); 240 kph (aerial)

I couldn’t resist making this. In the time of the main story of Lions of Judah, this is an ultra-modern mech manufactured by a technologically advanced New Hong Kong. They are not a major power, but they are significant, able to sway the balance of power of the main polities. This is actually a more advanced mech than the Paladin-9. This is not because New Hong Kong is more advanced than the Knights, but because they maintain a smaller, more lavished-upon army that can afford to spend more per mech than the massive military of the Knights of the Lion of Judah. The Grendel VII features prominently in a major scene of the book, so it is pretty interesting to give it some flesh.

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