Long Time No See

What work/school/family/writing has felt like lately… but in a satisfying way.

Well, it has been two months and change since I posted here. Between transitioning from two part time jobs to one full time one and the birth of my third daughter, I simply could not manage posts in addition to everything else. I have, however, been continuing work apace on projects I have posted about here.

Knights of the Lion of Judah (Lions of Judah) is my primary project at the moment–I have been writing and outlining on it again almost daily, after a many-month hiatus. Now I even have an idea of how it gets to the ending I envisioned for it, so I would say progress is getting somewhere.

But SaSS:R is not abandoned! Having never been completely satisfied with the d20 central mechanic of SaSS:R (it was only adopted as a way to differentiate SaSS from its roots in Unisystem,) I am currently changing the entire 164-page document over to a mechanic I find much more satisfying. Drawing from both Unisystem and Call of Cthulhu, SaSS:R is going to be a d100, fixed-target-number Basic Roll. Instead of rolling d20 and trying to hit 18, the players will roll d100 and try to hit 90 or above. Conversion is fairly easy, but this continues only as the former project and energy levels allow.

I might have a new artist for both projects, so now all I need is to A) finish writing and begin editing Lions of Judah and B) find a better way to manage campaign-level play and resources in SaSS:R (the last major obstacle to completing the first draft.)

In other news, the wife and I are looking for places to move to in order to escape the craziness of our home state. Recommendations welcome! Preference given to places that have fewer than 160 days of rain a year.

4 thoughts on “Long Time No See

      1. We do tend to get both harsh winters and harsh summers, true. You might look at Memphis and Atlanta, both very nice cities with thriving economies, but without the snow and ice storms. The summers do get nasty, though.


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