Lions of Judah is making progress, but I really don’t have a whole lot I can share. I’m going to try and get another sketch done in the next week or so, because I find it motivating and fun to be able to share them.

SaSS:R is making progress again, but not a lot–I was inspired by the Domains at War supplement for ACKS to differentiate between Unit Combat and Mass Combat in SaSS:R, with the latter being an even more abstracted version of the former meant for dealing with entire armies… the only problem is that I am still stuck on campaign management, so progress is limited.

A liminal space! Just not exactly like the ones in Potentes Limen.

Because I can’t bring up Lions of Judah or SaSS:R reliably on my phone while I am at work, most of what I am working on during my downtimes at work is Potentes Limen, a (hopefully) short RPG project. It is a lighter system (compared to my usual fare), so I am hoping to finish it quickly. My lunch and breaks are devoted to digestion and this new idea that has entered disruptively into my headspace.

I just wanted to make a post to keep in the habit of posting here.

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