… And Beyond!

I’m currently in the final stages of working up the first draft of Infinitas, and needing to set up a playtest of it. I don’t expect to get many takers (besides those I have already talked to), but it is worth a shot, so…

Calling all Roleplaying Game players:

If you want to try something new, and help out a fellow enthusiast, I would like you to consider joining me for a playtest of Infinitas, a Catholic roleplaying game. Being Christian would help in some aspects of dealing with the world that will be presented, but is in no way required. A time and day have yet to be arranged; optimally I would like to actually have two groups to get more input, so there will hopefully be a degree of flexibility in scheduling.

For those interested in an (albeit extreme) idea of what kinds of things live in the world of Infinitas, see my previous post on one of them. For those interested in the quickest of glances at the mechanics, see a couple of my posts on the matter: Here and Here.

It is likely to be a Roll20 game, though if there is any interest I am still considering Astral.

As a final note: I have experience refereeing games, but have never done the job online before, so there will be some learning on my part involved.

If you are interested, use the contact page to get a hold of me, or post a comment.

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