To Infinity IV…

Last time in this series I talked about a major source of danger in the world of Infinitas, and briefly mentioned that the Anderan peoples had converted to a religion of another world. The religion to which they have converted is (drum roll, please)… Catholicism! Namely an amalgam of Eastern and Latin Rite Catholics–the original evangelists to this world were of a mix of origins, and so there was a mixing of liturgical practices.

Like this, but answering to the Supreme Pontiff in a circuitous fashion. Also, speaking of infinity…

What this looks like is:

  • They answer to the current pope (somehow… but only a select few are privy to the details), but through the mediation and direction of a local patriarch;
  • They celebrate commonly in Aramaic, though a learned person will know Greek or Latin as well (not even counting the national tongues and dialects);
  • They have a different liturgical calendar from the one the Latin Rite uses, and number their years differently than either the Julian or Gregorian (I won’t say what year Earth is on; see below for their calendar);
  • They celebrate on a two-year lectionary cycle;
  • In their liturgies all instruments other than bells or chimes are forbidden;
  • Priestly celibacy is optional but strongly encouraged, and in practice is the norm;
  • Feast days are usually marked by a procession, solemn adoration, Mass, a feast (shockingly), and group dancing;
  • Greater Lent involves abstaining for the entire 40 days from alcohol, meat, and edible animal by-products, not including fish or seabirds;
  • Alcohol is forbidden, by law in many places, from sundown on Sixday until after the first Mass is said on Oneday (unless a feast day intervenes, according to the discretion of the local bishop.)

I want to give the feel of a place very different from our own, but religiously with the plausible feel of the same One, Holy, Apostolic Church shining through. As a convert, I think I find the licit differences in liturgical practice more interesting than most. That notwithstanding I think worldbuilding is a crucial part of creating verisimilitude–important in this case because religious practice can play a major part in surviving as an adventurer in a setting where some creatures actively court mass demonic infestation and/or possession and fey prowl the landscape (elves are opponents rather than playable creatures in this setting–they are simply too alien!)

What do you think? How much detail is necessary for a game world? Am I going completely overboard? (Not that I can stop now, being at almost 56,000 words and nearly done.)

Anderani_Litur_Calend (2)

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