Status Update, October 8th

I thought, since I have been absent for much of the year, I should give a little status update.

Infinitas is done, except for the Appendices, which still need work. I’d say the rough draft is about 95% of the way done. It has been playtested, and several weaker areas have been patched up.

SaSS:R is in a stall–I began work to allow for custom mech creation, a la Mekton Zeta, including randomly rolling for much of your mech, a la my favorite bit of making new characters for Not John Daker‘s OSR/ACKS game. I already like it more than generating a ton of mechs for players to choose from–it only lacks time and energy. 65% complete, at a guess.

Crystal Stars–my wife and I decided to blow the dust off of the old fiction-writing engine (does a unicycle count as an engine?), so with her help I am writing a short story set in the Crystal Stars setting–the oldest of my current settings by far. 5% complete.

Potentes Limen, being the least Christian-friendly of my projects at the moment, is also the lowest priority. 40% complete.

Gates of Hell–A concept I’ve had in the back of my mind for a couple of years now, about a monster-fighting, Church-building card game. Concept phase.

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