To Infinity… And Beyond!

“Confetti” by ADoseofShipBoy is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Infinitas is done–or at least the rough draft is. I have scheduled with an editor to get it looked over, above and beyond what the playtesters did. This is the first rough draft I have finished, beyond projects for school or work, so I am pleased.

The plan right now is to finish it up, commission one or two pieces of artwork, and then put it up for sale for about $10. Not sure how reasonable that it is, but I’m fresh out of ideas. Seriously, SaSS:R is eating all of my brain power as I work out how to let players generate mechs. Right now I am thinking all mech-piloting players will start with debt; the debt limit will be the Referee’s way of limiting what gets made as well as giving the Referee a hook into the players’ flesh.

So far players can generate anything from a 6-ton waste-of-space to a 220-ton tortoise, and anything in between… but I am still working out how weapons will work. Most of the mech components can be generated either by random rolling or by choosing, except for the engine(s), which have to be selected in horsepower, quantity, and type. Once I have a preliminary process I will have to generate some and post them on here.

Let me know what you think!

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