Ever Sassier

SaSS:R is developing, now that I have time freed from working on Infinitas. I have all of the tables necessary for the mech-making process–now I just have to write it out to describe the process and give more detail on the ‘how’.

The last step in Mech Creation–picking final weapons. As might be obvious, I prefer ‘crunchy’ equipment, something I definitely toned down for Infinitas.

While I would not say I prefer SaSS:R to Infinitas, I will say that SaSS:R is more like what I have previously been interested in. Steam- and diesel-powered technology? Right up my alley, thank you. Giant beasts wandering foreign landscapes? Count me in. Mechs? Give ’em to me!

Nonetheless, SaSS:R is a more ambitious game, with more involved in play. I am not afraid to mention that I am somewhat daunted by the task, even with what I have already completed. Prayers are my only way forward with this beast. But with God on my side, it will be completed.

2 thoughts on “Ever Sassier

    1. Definitely! I have already playtested some (back before you and I got killed in a cave by some beastmen with sticks), but this is a system that definitely needs more in-depth testing. I think character creation will be a little easier than you found Infinitas’ system. I’ll let you know when I get closer to a testable product.

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