Two in One

Thanks to my still having trouble doing fiction writing thanks to health problems, I continue in my exploration of Dungeon Crawl Classics–this time with a second player! My wife and our friend made it through the beginnings of another 0-level dungeon, only losing half their party to ill-equipped goat- and lizard-men in reaching level 1, […]

Continuing the Trial

My wife’s party of adventurers has been exploring the dungeon I whipped up and the neighboring towns, while I experiment with and explore Dungeon Crawl Classics. So far the most memorable moment was when her Invoke Patron (Three Fates) spell gave her a +10 to her attempt to cast Sleep, giving her the power to […]

A first trial…

Last night, having nothing I could do in my current state for any of my various projects (I continue to make progress, but more slowly ever since the “situation” with my medication a couple of weeks back), I whipped up a little mini-adventure for my wife to play through in… I just took some of […]