What is Riding What?

Well, I heartily apologize for my absence. That being said, I am reasonably happy with the progress I’ve made on SaSS:R, and am continuing work on expanding the outline for Lions of Judah. It is the former I wanted to share with y’all today. I had something of an epiphany while I was working in […]

Lions of Judah: Hyperspace

As I have said before: “Hyperspace… does not follow the contours of normal space the way that it was originally expected… meaning that traveling… [in hyperspace] might not take you to the star that is closest in that direction to your start point in normal space.” The consequence of that is that all travel is […]

Update 001

So, I thought I’d talk a little bit about what I am up to these days. I am currently back to outlining on Lions of Judah. A character is currently escaping from a prison dug into the crust of a planet (she has been trying for several weeks, and has been succeeding only by the […]

Free to Good Home

One thing about me when I am not on medications is that I am barraged by ideas for an endless number of projects, none of which have the courtesy to wait until earlier ideas have been finished. In my Google Drive folders I have three different homebrew tabletop roleplaying game systems, only one of which […]

A Pause

I wanted to write about something a little more serious today, because it is an omnipresent part of my life. That ‘something’ is medications, specifically psychiatric medications. When I had a tumblr I would occasionally see a post to the effect of: “Not taking your medications doesn’t make you more creative, so take your medications! […]

Sassier Two

SaSS:R is, as I mentioned last night, coming along. Some things I can lift, reformat, and paste verbatim from earlier versions of SaSS. Other things need a bit more work–some rewording and reworking. And still other things have to made up fresh. But at 99 pages (only 21,000 words, because the tables and formatting take […]