Aether Filled Sky Productions is a place for the written worlds of Matthew Ess.

Currently in Production:

  • Lions of Judah
    • A space opera with mechs, espionage, fighter battles, and religious orders.
  • Worlds of Rozal
    • A diesel-and-steam-punk mech tabletop RPG with flying ships and with a large dose of fae and the supernatural.
  • Potentes Limen
    • A Classical Era-flavored world-hopping light tabletop RPG with magical swords and crossbows, talking gods, and mystical powers. Inspired by Dungeon WorldCall of Cthulhu, an off-hand comment on a post by Brian Niemeier, and a love of old myths and legends, especially the Greco-Roman and Sino-Japanese ones.

Currently on pause:

  • Crystal Stars
    • A universe of aether and crystalline stars, with diesel (and even steam) ships plying the currents between worlds as giant creatures prowl the darker corners of known space.
  • Wild in Plain Sight
    • A fae-blood tabletop RPG; inspired by Don’t Rest Your Head.
  • Sagas of the Vinlanders
    • Dungeon World-based tabletop RPG set in semi-mythical Norse North American colonies (with Bronze-Age natives.)