To Infinity III…

The last times I posted I talked about the basics of gameplay and a little about how the momentum of combat works in Infinitas; also, about some of the theory behind the gameplay. This time I wanted to talk about something quite different. Of the many creatures inhabiting the world of Infinitas, none are quite […]

From the Appendices

(I know, I know… I’m not managing my update schedule. I haven’t even been seriously trying. A cross-country move, new job, and additional child-watching duties due to being farther from family will do that…) Much of the nitty-gritty for Referees running Infinitas is in the Appendices. Here is a sample from the appendix on “Style […]


I have long wondered what it would be like to have an order (obviously preferably religious, but not by necessity) of people devoted to justice. Not social justice, because goodness knows there are enough people fanatically devoted to that particular heresy-turned-death-cult, but the actual rationally-understandable workings of justice. What would it be like, for instance, […]

To Infinity II…

Last time I mentioned I am working on Infinitas, an explicitly Christian-friendly game project–to be more precise, I will say I am about 40,000 words in. If I had to guess (and I do), I would estimate there are another 10,000-15,000 words left in the project, mostly in background material, explanations for the tables that […]


A certain day this week is my birthday, so I thought I would just ramble a bit. The line in the Bible that I most strongly connect to is Matthew 5:6, “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.” We all hunger, whether we feed our hungers or not, […]