Naval Power, Rozal, and SaSS

The Worlds of Rozal campaign required research into the naval balance of power between 1900 and 1914, and I found this table in my searching:


via The Naval Balance of Power in 1914

It is interesting, and really demonstrates just how dominant the British were, and while sylphite airships in the Worlds of Rozal will be lighter (and thus cheaper and more numerous) than the ships of the real world of the same time period, and the balance of power less one-sided, I took this as one of the several data points I used in making the actual balance of power in the setting.

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Meanwhile, I think I have finally gotten SaSS (the base system I am using for the game mechanics) to where I have always wanted it to be: sort of a mix of Unisystem (AFMBE), Mongoose Traveller, and Dungeon Crawl Classics. The mechanics aren’t much changed in SaSS:R (pronounced ‘sassier’) from the last several iterations of SaSS, except for character generation, which is now cultural-religious-professional chance-based skill acquisition, similar to Traveller, but less needlessly complicated.

Anyway, now that I am back on my medication I hope to resume normal posting.

P.S.: Also found in my Rozal research and completely amazing to consider:

Population by country, 1800

Population by country, 1900

P.P.S.: See if this makes any sense to any of you all (it almost certainly won’t, but I like being obtuse sometimes)…

As found in all states.
Capacities: RES +1; REA -1; DEF +1.
Skills: Knowledge: Philosophy +0 [Cap -4];
Traits: –
Tricks: For the Worldly


As found in the states of [FRA, SCO].
Capacities: RES +1; REA -1; PER +1.
Skills: Knowledge: Philosophy +0 [Cap -5];
Traits: Depressive [gain 1 point for taking]
Tricks: Greasy Thumb [req: DEF 2], For the Worldly


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