To Infinity III…

The last times I posted I talked about the basics of gameplay and a little about how the momentum of combat works in Infinitas; also, about some of the theory behind the gameplay. This time I wanted to talk about something quite different.

Of the many creatures inhabiting the world of Infinitas, none are quite as major in their impact on its history as the abyssals. These are evil beings who exist and feed on suffering and death in the mortal world the same way that demons do in the next. The most extreme cases are the great abyssals of the deep oceans–the size of islands, they float about through the water. Anytime another living being gets too close they use their mental powers to trick–or even telekinetically force–their prey closer, where they grow skin over the helpless creature and slowly digest it over the course of months or years.

Of course fish, whales, and kraken are never enough–all abyssals hunger most of all for sapient prey. Because this and the size they are capable of reaching, they scare any man capable of understanding their capabilities witless. This is made even worse by the fact that–as with any sapient creature not united with God–abyssals collect demons round them. Unlike most people, however, abyssals work with their demons to put over even worse depredations on innocents.

What this means is that until recently, boats in Infinitas rarely left the relative safety of the shallow waters around their home islands, despite the whole world being oceans and islands. Only in a few select places, usually where many islands huddle around a shallow section of sea, do people travel reasonable distances or trade… or that was true, until one such haven discovered how to follow pathways of near-safety to discover other lands, peoples, and creatures.

This haven is called the Anderan Islands, centered around the Anderani Sea, and they have been recently converted to a religion of another world… But that is for another time.

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